Same-Sex Rooftop Wedding in New York City

Rooftop Wedding NYC Same Sex Gay New York City Photographer

“We decided that our wedding was our wedding.”

Let’s rewind. In 2019, Ben and Craig planned a 100+ person wedding for the fall of 2020…  We all know that that didn’t quite go as planned. Like many couples, Ben and Craig were faced with the decision of postponing or downsizing, and they chose both. In September 2020, they would become husbands in a very intimate rooftop wedding, and then they’d have a big party celebration a year later.

But what ended up happening threw them another curveball; this time Ben and Craig’s decision wasn’t based on outside forces, it was entirely their own. In looking back on their intimate wedding, originally slated to be part one of two, they realized that that was their wedding, absolutely perfect, whole, and complete. There was no need for a part two.

Ben and Craig, I’m so thrilled for you!  It was truly an honor to be one of the very few humans that got to experience your wedding in person. You two have been so joyful and level-headed throughout this unexpected journey, and I’m inspired by your warmth and generosity.

I’m thrilled to share some highlights here of your one and only wedding day.

Photographer: David Perlman Photography

Planner: Jason Mitchell Kahn

Grooming: Simple and Sultry

Suits: Enzo Custom

Flowers: Flower Moxie

Caterer: Mission

Cuff links and socks: Paul Smith

Ties: Zegna

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We cannot sing the praises of David Perlman enough. Most importantly he made us feel at ease during the entire day (and really the entire planning process). You can see it in our photos how comfortable we felt around him, sharing a very intimate and special day. We’re very lucky that we choose him as we not only have amazing images (and album) from our wedding, but also a new friend. - Evan S.