why albums?

Because your wedding photos are the only part of your wedding that will be around for as long as your marriage.

Files can easily be lost or misplaced. Technology can advance to make certain formats obsolete. (Remember floppy disks or DVD’s?) And your precious memories can simply become too difficult to locate in 10, 20, or 50 years.

Physical products bring your memories into the real world, and everyday life. For you to treasure forever. 


Let's be honest, after your wedding, you'll want to just enjoy being newlyweds! You won't want to sit down and make impossible decisions on what to include or not include in your wedding album. And you certainly won't want to email edits back and forth with your wedding photographer. Trust me. I've been there.

That's why I make the process super easy and streamlined for you! 

But through your album, they'll be able to experience the story of your wedding, your family and friends, and your love.... As if they were there.

And one day, these heirlooms can then be passed on to the generations to come. 

I'll take your full gallery of images and design your album for you. And I'll be sure to include it all.... the details, the getting ready photos, the portraits, the candids. You'll relive the story of your day through the pages of a rich, beautiful album that is custom-designed just for you. With love, by me.

the album draft meeting

Because I design your album for you, you have zero homework. All you'll have to do is make a date with me (in person or virtually), and I promise we'll have so much fun!

We'll go through the first draft of your album page by page, as we reminisce over your most amazing day. And you'll be able to give me feedback right then and there so I can make any changes or edits in real time. Boom.

By the end of the meeting, your album is done.  It's as easy as that!

the details

I’m proud to say that my albums are handmade with precision and love by talented and passionate craftspeople here in New York. I’ve researched countless album manufacturers, and they are the best!

Photos are printed on high quality archival photo paper, and they are treated with protective coating for a beautiful finish that will last. Cover options include leather, vegan leather, linen, and velvet, and they are carefully sourced from all over the world.

Each album comes with 20 pages, though most couples end up wanting 60 - 80 pages.
I also offer prints, canvas wraps, Save the Date and Thank You cards, framed prints, and whatever else you might want.

David is an asset. He makes things easier and delivers on a wonderful artistic view of the most special time. Faced with an incredible number of images, we asked David to compile the albums. With his (by now expected) joy and professionalism, he made the album into a story that lives and breathes each time I look through it. He is now a friend as he so generously shared his talent and himself in making a wonderful day that much more wonderful.   - Martha {Mother of the Bride}