New York City Hall Wedding – NYC Photographer – Annabel and Richard

I actually shed a few happy tears as Annabel was proclaimed the “star of the show” on Masterchef UK. It was as if she was my good friend, but the truth is that we had never met in person. Annabel found me on Instagram, and she and Richard thought I’d be the perfect fit to photograph their elopement in New York City when they visited from the UK.

For the entire year leading up to their wedding, Annabel and I liked each others’ posts, watched each others’ stories, sent each other plenty of DMs, and basically felt like we were becoming good friends, despite having never met or even spoken. When this bride-to-be had her big star turn on TV, I was already totally invested, and the love-fest heightened.

When I finally met Annabel and Richard on the morning of their wedding, it was like being reunited with old friends. Richard was the warm and friendly, quietly confident gentleman that I saw online, and Annabel was that firecracker with a heart of gold that I got to know from TV and DMs.

Not only did I photograph their wedding, but I was also their only guest and the witness to their marriage. The most important thing I witnessed was the consistent respect, love, and admiration with which these two treat each other.

Annie and Richard, it was an absolute joy getting to spend that magical day in New York City with you two. I love that you are so easy to laugh and that you also thrive on the dramatic photos that were so much fun to capture. You two are stars. Congratulations on your marriage, and I hope you enjoy these sneak peek photos!

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We cannot sing the praises of David Perlman enough. Most importantly he made us feel at ease during the entire day (and really the entire planning process). You can see it in our photos how comfortable we felt around him, sharing a very intimate and special day. We’re very lucky that we choose him as we not only have amazing images (and album) from our wedding, but also a new friend. - Evan S.