3 West Club Wedding – Amanda and Maria

3 West Club WeddingAmanda and Maria had my favorite kind of wedding; it wasn’t about the wedding, it was about two people committing their lives to each other. With the support of their community.

And I’m not just talking about their wedding guests. The three of us snuck out of the beautiful 3 West Club and into Rockefeller Center to grab some photos. “Congratulations!” people started yelling out. New Yorkers’ faces lit up as they looked up from their phones to see these radiant brides walking down the street. At one point a little boy was looking over, and with the gentle encouragement of his mother, he asked if he could see Amanda’s flowers. His mother leaned over with a smile and whispered, “He thinks you’re a princess.”

One part of the ceremony (among many) that got me choked up was when guests were asked to hold a small stone in their hands. If they so wished, they were invited to put their love, their best wishes, their warm, supportive energy into those stones. Later in the night, they would place the stones in a bowl for the brides to keep with them for life. To support their marriage.

Amanda and Maria, thank you for including me in your wedding. Your trust in me and your welcoming of me are such clear signs of the kinds of people you are. You earned the support of your community by creating a relationship that is so clearly based on respect, understanding, partnership, and of course a deep love for each other. I couldn’t hold a stone during your ceremony (my hands were full of cameras!), but I want you to know that I took these photos with love, support, and the very best wishes for your marriage.

Venue:  3 West Club

Amanda’s hair:  HairByNany

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We cannot sing the praises of David Perlman enough. Most importantly he made us feel at ease during the entire day (and really the entire planning process). You can see it in our photos how comfortable we felt around him, sharing a very intimate and special day. We’re very lucky that we choose him as we not only have amazing images (and album) from our wedding, but also a new friend. - Evan S.